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Lose Excess Weight

Calculate How Much You Have To Walk If You Want to Lose Excess Weight

Did you know that with regular walking you can lose up to a pound within one week? In five months, you can lose more than 20 pounds without paying expensive gym memberships or following strict diet regimes. Walking is very good for toning the muscles and bettering the overall health, while shedding fat and losing surplus weight. With this in mind, we’ve prepared a very useful workout routine to help incorporate walking into your daily life. Walking Encourages Weight Loss Walking with a speed of 4 miles per hour, you can burn approximately 400 calories. 3 miles more will help you burn additional 300 calories. A pedometer is a great device that you can use and keep track of your progress. You can place it onto the outfit...

Boiled Egg Diet

The Boiled Egg Diet Improved: Better, Safer, Faster!

One of the most popular diets today is the boiled egg diet. This diet cannot be used for a long period of time since it is a very low calorie diet. We decided to improve it a little and make it even more efficient. I’m sure you’ve been trying long and hard to shed those extra pounds that have been bothering you. You must’ve tried several diets and still are not able to get the result you want. This means it’s time for the boiled egg diet. It includes two main ideas: Don’t starve Eat the right food The Diet Plan For starters, there is a 2 weeks plan which has to be followed completely. Once you are done with it and you want to continue you should make...


7-Day Sugar Detox Menu Plan + Shopping List-Weight Loss Program!

Check out this amazing sugar detox menu plan is very adaptable and interchangeable so it can suit all your needs. This incredible menu promises no cravings; no deprivation-simply rewire the way you think about food and no bland foods or boring diet! On the First Day For breakfast eat some cheesy spinach baked eggs Snack on some Tamari almonds For lunch get some low carb cheesy sweet pepper popper with some lettuce salad Snack some boiled eggs in the afternoon And eat some stuffed chicken and spinach for your dinner menu On the Second Day Eat some sun-dried tomatoes and feta for breakfast Snack on some Tamari almonds For lunch eat some chicken, spinach and peppers Snack some raw vegetables in the afternoon And eat some Asian...


Cut Down Your Excess Fat with This 8 Hour Diet Plan

If you want to lose weight and do not want to starve then you are at the right please because this interesting 8 hour diet plan is all you need to lose weight. You need to eat for 8 hours and then do 16 hours of fasting. According to David Zinczenko, the creator of this plan, although it might be weird it is really effective. Why does it work? This simple diet plan works because it can help you keep track on your calories intake. Aids Digestion Most people spend their day sitting in front of a desk for 9 hours which makes it really difficult for the body to properly digest food. This is why even with a good healthy plan people are not able to...


A Perfect Breakfast: Eat This Every Single Morning and You Will You Lose Weight Faster Than You Think!

The breakfast is undoubtedly the most important meal of the day, therefore, you should always make sure it is healthy and nutritious. Nevertheless, this meal provides us with the needed energy for the entire day and accelerates our metabolism as well. You need to remember that in case you are trying to lose extra weight, you should never skip the breakfast. This is due to the fact that the breakfast will simply boost the unhealthy cravings during the rest of the day. Moreover, a recent study published in the Annals of Nutrition & Metabolism discovered that the best possible variant for a breakfast is actually oatmeal. This study involved about 36 men and women, who were divided into 3 groups. All participants consumed 350 calories daily,...


10 Fat Burning Ingredients That You Can Add to Your Morning Glass of Smoothie

In the last years, smoothies have become a definite must for people who want to eat healthy. Smoothies are simple to prepare but very tasty. You just choose your favorite fruits or/and veggies, blend them, and enjoy. It’s very important to add fiber as well since the process of blending breaks down fiber which is very important. If you want to lose weight, adding specific fat-burning ingredients to your smoothie is the way to go. The list below contains the best fat burning ingredients that you already probably have in your kitchen. Let’s take a look: Avocados The fat from avocado is immediately burned by the body so the metabolism starts looking for more fat in order to burn it while working, which results in weight loss. Having a...


The 10 Best Low-Carb Snacks for Weight Loss

Blood sugar spikes and drops can do more than just make you hungry. When your blood sugar levels are unstable, you can experience weight problems and your body will begin storing fat instead of burning it. And, it’s crucial to mention that snacking can help you lose weight, but only if the foods you eat as a snack won’t interfere with your blood sugar levels. Also, snacking shouldn’t scare you because as long as you eat the right snack, you won’t have any problems. For that purpose, we’ve made a list of the 10 best snacks that are low in carbs and will speed up the weight loss process. A lot of them have a high percentage of essential weight loss protein, vitamins, and minerals. Let’s take a...


These 7 Workouts Don’t Actually Work

Believe it or not, certain exercises may be more harmful than beneficial, despite what you may have thought. Sometimes, the movement required for the exercise impedes a proper form and you end up harming a different group of muscles than the one you’re targeting. Therefore, below, you have a set of tips that will help you do the exercises more safely and some alternative exercises that are focused on the same area but are much safer. 7 Workouts Don’t Actually Work: 1. Lat-pull-downs behind the head In this exercise, you need to sit on a machine with a weighted cabled bar over the head and then you reach for it and pull it behind the neck. However, according to WebMD, this may easily harm the back of your...

fat face

These 3 Exercises Will Help You Eliminate Your Chubby Cheeks, Your Double Chin and You Will Also Lose Fat!

Usually when you gain weight people notice it first on your face. And you simply cannot ignore it, because it makes you look unattractive. The biggest problem with weight loss is that fat cells actually don’t disappear or appear, they either shrink or get bigger and this is why people usually have a problem area when they lose weight. To make it simple, they have more fat in one area than in another. The eyes are the mirror of your soul, but your face is a reflection of your health and your lifestyle. If you want to reduce face fat you should make some changes in your lifestyle and your diet. Check Out These 3 Exercises That Will Help You Fight the Fat on Your Face Muscle...

10 Pounds

How to Lose 10 Pounds in 2 Weeks with These 5 Great & Simple Tricks

You might not think it is possible, but there is actually a way to lose up to 10 pounds in the course of 2 weeks. You can do it in a healthy way and not starve to death. With the combination of several great tricks, you’ll start seeing the results in no time. For all of you who are struggling to lose weight, below, we’ve shared life-saving tricks. Tip No. 1 –Use protein and water before meals We all love sweets and snacks, but there is a way to lower their intake. Seeds and nuts are a great source of protein. If you get into the habit of eating protein food before a meal, you will supply the body with important nutrients and you’ll increase the feeling of satiety. This...