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Fat Loss

This 21-Day Walking Plan Will Help You Lose Weight

In today’s modern time, people pay too much attention to exercising and dieting. They constantly try to make a better version of themselves and they do this by doing intensity workouts and practicing strict diets. However, this is not the right way to go about this. The only thing you need is to start maintaining a healthy lifestyle improve your diet and focus on simple training. It is recommended that you use the basic 80/20 rule which shows that 80 % of your weight loss will come if you make changes in your diet and the other 20% will come from your physical activity. If you are a newbie in the fitness lifestyle, you can start your journey with walking since it can provide you with a...


This 90 Day Diet Will Help You Lose Up to 55 Pounds

Besides weight reduction, this diet can help you change your metabolism which can maintain your healthy weight, once you get there. In the period of 90 days you will be able to lose up to 39 pounds, so if you are not aiming for that much it is recommended that you stop the diet earlier. The flow of this diet is the following: Protein day Starch day Carbohydrate day Fruit day Protein day Breakfast: your breakfast in the course of these 90 days should consist of pair of fruits for example, 2 pears, 2 apples, 2 oranges, or a cup of berries. You must be careful and not change the sequence of the days. Protein day: Lunch: your lunch should include boiled, or roasted meat, some slice of bread, and...

ALDI Clean Eating

The Cleanest 7-Day ALDI Eating Menu Plan Ever

Opposite to what most people think, leading a healthy diet doesn’t always have to be expensive. In fact, the cleanest this 7-day eating menu plan consisted of products you can find in ALDI is something that almost anyone can afford.  Below, we’ve explained the diet menu in detail. Let’s take a look: Join our next 7-Day Clean Eating Challenge! ALDI Diet Menu Monday Breakfast: 2-egg omelet with peppers, onions, and mushrooms Snack A banana Lunch: Salad niçoise or cottage cheese salad Snack Homemade hummus or ALDI hummus with carrots, broccoli, and peppers Dinner: Mussels in tomato garlic sauce with whole grain pasta Tuesday Breakfast: 2-egg omelet with peppers, mushrooms, and onions Snack Whole almonds Lunch: Tuna salad niçoise or cottage cheese salad Snack Pineapple Dinner: Crock pot rotisserie chicken and roasted cauliflower Wednesday Breakfast: Raspberry protein shake Snack ...

Ketogenic Diet

7-Day Ketogenic Diet Meal Plan

The Ketogenic Diet was created in the 1920 with the aim to treat epilepsy. Hence, it was discovered that the diet has a positive effect on the procession of nutrients which could reduce the epilepsy attacks. This 7-day ketogenic meal plan has become widely spread not just because it helps you lose weight, but because it has a beneficial effect on the overall well-being. What Is a Ketogenic Diet A ketogenic diet means exclusion of carbs and intake of healthy fats and moderate intake of protein. Therefore, if you’ve been looking for the right way to lose weight, this meal plan will definitely be of use. Let’s take a look: First Day Breakfast Eggs, bacon, one tomato Lunch Chicken salad sprinkled with olive oil and feta cheese Dinner Salmon cooked in butter and asparagus Second day Breakfast Eggs,...

Low Carb Food

The Complete Low Carb Food List Which Can Help You Lose Weight

Omega 6 is contained in most nuts, such as walnuts and macadamia nuts. Also, Omega 6 and Omega 3 fats are essential in our daily diet and this is why we need to make sure we adjust their usage and take just one teaspoon per day. This means that in order to provide your body with the right amount of Omega 6 during the day you can eat a few nuts or some mayonnaise. In addition, you can drink fish oil as a supplement. Below we present you the list: Fats and oils Natural olive oil Natural duck fat Mayo Natural red palm oil Avocado oil Avocado Ghee Macadamia nuts Macadamia oil Natural leaf fat Nutty spreads Natural margarine Burger fat from grass-fed cows Dark chocolate Almond...

Military Diet

Military Diet: Lose 10 Pounds in 3 Days!

The original Military Diet was developed in 2007 and numerous people around the world have used it to lose weight. Even though they are copycats, this is the original diet. This is crucial as even a tiny change to the diet can lead to poor results. Consulting Your Physician Before starting any diet, you should consult your physician to find out whether this diet will suit you. How Does the Diet Work The foods on the menu boost the metabolism, supply you with energy, fight off sugar cravings, and burn fat. You need to follow the diet for 3 days. During the diet, your weight may fluctuate unpredictably, but don’t be discouraged. Stay positive and focused on your goal. In only 3 days, you will weigh 10 pounds...


Lose Up to 40 Pounds with This Effective 13-Day Diet

Even though it requires dedication and a lot of effort, this potent diet is very beneficial in burning surplus fat. After the 13 days, you can go back to your regular diet without worrying about a yo-yo effect for 2 years. This diet is also known as the Copenhagen or Danish Diet. The Benefits of the Danish Diet This diet works by speeding up the metabolism and maintaining the weight balanced after you finish the diet. You can lose up to 40 pounds. It’s important to note that the diet shouldn’t be followed for more than 13 days since it’s a low calorie one, i.e. around 600 calories per day. The diet also lacks dairy, fruits, and whole grains, therefore, some indvidiuals may experience vitamin and mineral...


How Much Water You Need to Drink According to Your Weight?

Everyone needs different amounts of water. This amount is usually connected to the weight of the person. The heavier you are the more energy and water you need. If you want to find out how much water you need to drink, just review these things. How Much Water You Need to Drink According to Your Weight? Water Prevents Overeating Often times, the body may confuse hunger and thirst. Therefore, you need to drink sufficient amounts of water prior to each meal in order to prevent weight gain and other health problems caused by dehydration. The Negative Effects of Dehydration Constipation Low blood pressure Muscle cramps Dry mouth Weakness Dizziness Dry skin Headaches Heart palpitations Chronic dehydration may cause serious organ defects and lead to kidney stones, high levels of cholesterol,...

Lose Weight

6 Potent Ways to Lose Weight with the Hypothyroid Diet Method

The thyroid gland is in charge of how the body cells use energy from food in a process we know as metabolism. Since the metabolism influences the temperature of the body as well as the burning of calories and the heartbeat, if there is a lack of thyroid hormone, the body’s processes will slow down. 6 Potent Ways to Lose Weight with the Hypothyroid Diet Method Hypothyroidism This is a thyroid disorder in which the thyroid is underactive, i.e. there is a lack of the thyroid hormone, which slows down the metabolism. This may result in weight gain or inability to lose weight regardless of how much a person controls his/her diet. How to Bring Balance to Your Meals Become fully dedicated Learn more about refined sugar Simple carbs...


How to Reset Your Thyroid to Burn Fat and Activate Your Metabolism

Even though it hasn’t been scientifically proven, more than 12% of the world population will suffer from a thyroid problem at a specific period in their lives. Unfortunately, the rate of thyroid cancer has multiplied in the last 40 years. This is very frigthening if we take into consideration that the thyroid gland is vital for the immunity. Hence, when it doesn’t work properly, the body’s more prone to diseases. The Function of the Thyroid This gland is in charge of secreting hormones which control the heart rate, muscle control, metabolism, digestion , and mental health. The most common problems regarding the thyroid gland are hypothyroidism or an underactive gland and hyperthyroidsm or an overactive gland. In case of hypothyroidism, the thyroid doesn’t produce enough T3 and T4...