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Discover How You Can Use Vinegar in Your Garden

Vinegar is a versatile ingredient which can be of great benefit for garden, not just for cooking. As you may already know, store-bought fertilizers contain dangerous chemicals which are a threat to our health and are rather expensive. This is where vinegar comes in, i.e. it’s easily affordable and an eco-friendly ingredient. Different Ways to Use Vinegar for Gardening Eliminate fruit flies- to keep fruit flies at bay, mix half a cup of ACV, one tbsp of molasses, a quarter cup of sugar, and one cup of water and pour it into a suitable container and hang it on the fruit tree. When they try to attack the mixture, the fruit flies will be immediately trapped. Weed repellent- use ACV to remove weeds from walkways and walls. Fights off...


Make Sure You Have Buy This Plant And All of The Mice, Spiders And Other Insects Will Disappear

The definition for insects is the following: They are arthropods, have specialized extremities with a two-part body enclosed in the exoskeleton. They have antennas and wings, depending on the type. They can have different sizes. The world knows about 200 million types of insects. We all scream when we see a spider or another insect and this happens especially if we see an insect inside of our home. We simply don’t want insects near us. So spiders and cockroaches stay away! What’s the secret plant we need to get rid of them? There are millions of insects ‘repellents, but they are all full of toxins and in the long run we can damage our overall health if we use them. The option we’re offering you even smells good,...

Himalayan Lamp

What Happens When You Put a Himalayan Lamp Next To Your Bed?

If you don’t have a Himalayan lamp, you are missing out on a lot. Having one next to your bed will bring fresh air in your room because it is a natural source of freshness. First, we’ll have to give you a short chemistry lesson and then we’ll explain all of the health benefits this lamp has. The air, water, the human body and everything else is made out of molecules. Which are made out of atoms which consist of three types of particles? Particles with positive charge or protons. Particles with negative charge or electrons, and particles with neutral charge or neutrons. Like the planets around a star, electrons orbit around molecules. From time to time, an electron flies away and when this happens, a positive ion...

Hand Sanitizers

This Is Why You Should Not Use Hand Sanitizers!

It is essential to our overall health to wash our hands properly and decrease the transmission of germs. However, there are times when you just are out of soap, or you don’t have the time to do a proper wash up. This is why a lot of Americans always carry a pocket hand sanitizer. Nevertheless, these sanitizers can’t protect you from all germs, just because they only have effect for a very short period and you have to apply them constantly in order to stay germ free. There is another downside to them – they contain chemicals which are toxic. These toxic chemicals can put you at risk of a lot of health issues. Triclosan is a chemical which is used in hand sanitizers and it is...