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Cure Moles, Blackheads, Skin Tags, Warts and Age Spots With These Natural Treatments

Regardless of their age, people experience different skin problems and disease. The treatments for these conditions are really delicate. There are a number of different skin conditions i.e. 3000, but the ones that affect people the most are moles, age spots, skin tags and warts. If you notice your skin smell or texture is changing you might be facing a skin condition which requires treatment. Some medications can be used for these conditions, but they are sometimes too aggressive for the skin and can even cause additional damage. Moles Moles are not considered to be a serious skin condition. If the mole starts changing its size and color, then this might be an indication of a skin cancer. In order to treat moles at home all you...


These 6 Simple Tricks Will Help You Deactivate Your Weight Gain Hormones

You try to eat healthy and you still can’t lose weight? Researchers have found that weight gain is connected with 7 different hormones. If you regulate their production, you will be able to prevent further weight gain and also start losing weight. How to do this? Eliminate soy or any other soy foods from your diet Soy has high levels of phytoestrogen which blocks normal estrogen and it increases body fat. This is why you should completely eliminate soy foods from your diet and instead include others which can increase the level of the hormone leptin, which will help you regulate satiety. Limit your consumption of grains If you are consuming too much grains, then you might be experiencing poor thyroid hormone production. Make sure you reduce...


The Ketogenic Diet Can Kill Cancer, Treat Depression, Autism and Migraines

With the help of the ketogenic diet your metabolic engine can be improved and you can start burning carbohydrates and fats. About 70% of the ketogenic diet includes foods lie: coconut oil, organic eggs, grass-pastured butter, pecans and macadamia nuts. Since you are eating less carbs your body has to start burning the stored fat for energy. And during this process the body starts producing ketones which are made from fat that is produced in the liver. The proper way to use the benefits of the ketogenic diet is to properly maintain the dieting state. This doesn’t mean that you have to starve and stop eating everything. But you have to stop consuming carbohydrates, so the process of ketosis can function properly. What are the benefits of the...

Fat Cells

Simple Ways to Eliminate Toxins Stored in Your Fat Cells

Obesity, or excessive weight can create a multitude of health issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. What you probably don’t know is that your body stores the toxins in your fat. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) conducted a program called the National Human Adipose Tissue Survey back in the 1980s. This survey helped them discover that different human fat samples contain traces of one dioxin and four industrial solvents. Moreover, nine other chemicals were found in more than 90 % of the fat samples. On average, 83 % of the samples contained PCBs. What are dioxins? Combustion processes, such as waste incineration, forest fires, backyard trash burning or different industrial process produce chemical contaminants known as dioxins. Once you inhale these toxins, your body...


Simple Tricks to Avoid Water Retention

Water retention or edema can cause swollen hands, feet and legs. This condition is manifested by a buildup of fluids in the circulatory system, cavities and the tissues. Some of the most common reasons of water retention include physical inactivity, premenstrual syndrome, sedentary lifestyle, medications and pregnancy. Also, swelling can appear after a long flight. Often, edema is not serious, but it can be a sign of heart failure and kidney disease. This is why you should always be aware of your symptoms and not leave water retention untreated. These are the main reasons for water retention and a few different ways to treat it: Processed foods consumption Processed foods are filled with sodium and sugar and these ingredients are the main causes of water retention. They...


8 Reasons You Experience Nocturnal Cramps

Cramps can be really painful and wake you up from your deepest sleep. The involuntary contractions which happen to your calf muscles, whenever you are resting, are known as nocturnal leg cramps. They can also be felt on the bottom of your feet, or other muscles. Usually, these cramps last between a few seconds to several minutes and even though the pain disappears within this period of time, you can still feel your legs a bit sore afterwards. It doesn’t matter if you are old or young, you can still be affected by leg cramps. They are however, more common in middle-aged people. People who exercise at night, or teenagers are also affected by leg cramps. Scientist still haven’t discovered the real reason behind leg cramps, but they...


Every Woman Should Know These 15 Tricks with Baking Soda

Baking soda or sodium bicarbonate is without doubt one of the most versatile ingredients ever. It is not just used in cooking, but it has strong medicinal properties and it can also be used for cleaning. This is why in today’s article we decided to present you a list with the best 15 uses it offers. Let’s take a look. Different Uses of Baking Soda 1. Can be used as a natural deodorant- to prevent the exposure to toxins and other harmful substances present in store-bought deodorants, make your own deodorant with baking soda. You can find different recipes online. 2. It can alleviate insect bites- just dilute it with some water and apply it onto the affected areas to reduce the itching and discomfort. 3. Stops heartburn- mix a...


Learn Why Your Body Jerks while You Are Falling Asleep

A lot of people have experienced body jerks when falling asleep. A body jerk is a sudden rush or a jerking motion while you doze off in bed. Scientifically known as ‘hypnic jerk’, this phenomenon will be experienced by 70 percent of people at a specific point in their lives. What Is a Hypnic Jerk and Why Does It Happen? Hypnagogic stage is the space between wakefulness and slumber and it is very easy for the brain to get ‘jerked’ back into wakefulness by an involuntary twitch of the muscles. This wakes up the brain as if something is happening. By being confused, the brain thinks that the body is falling and it tenses the muscles to brace for impact when they are actually relaxing for the...


9 Signs That You Are too Stressed (and You Do Not Know It)

Excessive stress can be the main reason for a variety of different health problems and experts point out that it can have serious consequences on one’s well-being and health. There are cases when the signs of stress are not completely clear and we fail to recognize that we are too stressed. This is why we need to be aware of the major symptoms so that we can cope with stress adequately and preserve our health. The Symptoms of Stress: 1. Low libido Stress is known to decrease the sexual hormones’ levels and it may also cause tiredness and impotence. This is why it is vital to find ways to address stress and talk to your partner. Try to find a joint solution to this problem and enjoy your...


The Color of Your Urine Is a Health – Indicator

Many people are not aware of their urine color and they don’t take it serious. As a matter of fact urine can tell us a lot of things about our overall health. Its odor, color and consistency can give us clues to figure out if something is not right. Urine is made up of 95% water and 5% urea, potassium and creatinine, as well as other substances which are involved in the proper functioning of the digestive tract. When blood cells are dissolved urobilin is formed. The urobilin gives urine its yellow color. The Color of Your Urine Is a Health – Indicator Clear Indicates that the body has been hydrated too much. This is usually a sign of dissolved electrolytes and it indicates a misbalance in the body. ...