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This 90 Day Diet Will Help You Lose Up to 55 Pounds

Besides weight reduction, this diet can help you change your metabolism which can maintain your healthy weight, once you get there.

In the period of 90 days you will be able to lose up to 39 pounds, so if you are not aiming for that much it is recommended that you stop the diet earlier.

The flow of this diet is the following:

  1. Protein day
  2. Starch day
  3. Carbohydrate day
  4. Fruit day
  5. Protein day

Breakfast: your breakfast in the course of these 90 days should consist of pair of fruits for example, 2 pears, 2 apples, 2 oranges, or a cup of berries. You must be careful and not change the sequence of the days.

Protein day:

Lunch: your lunch should include boiled, or roasted meat, some slice of bread, and you can eat as much salad as you please. Make sure you eat your soup without the noodles. If you are not a fan of meat, try substituting it with 3 boiled or fried eggs. On the protein day, you are allowed to eat cheese, or drink milk, but if you do, you must cut your meat and eggs to half.

Dinner: you should the same as you had for lunch, but half the portion and make sure you don’t eat any bread or soup.

There should be a pause of around 4 hours between meals.

Starch day

Lunch: your lunch should include cooked beans, peas, rice, potatoes and you can add different spices, a slice of bread and a salad.

Dinner: eat half of whatever combination you had for lunch

Make sure you make a break of at least 3 hours between meals

Carbohydrates day

Lunch: Eat some pasta with mixed spices, or a vegetarian pizza with ketchup

Dinner:  This is your lucky day since you can eat 4 cookies or 3 balls of ice cream and make sure you have a row of chocolate with 70 % cocoa.

Make a break of 3 hours between meals

Fruit day

Lunch & Dinner: Mixed fruit for lunch and dinner.

Water day

After a 29-day cycle, a day of drinking only water follows. You are allowed to drink unlimited amounts of tea and coffee. Once you finish the 90 days of the diet you can start eating normally, but keep the fruit in your breakfast. You’ll notice that in the next 3 months you will lose another 3 kilos, which is a sign that your metabolism is changing for the better.

Although it might seem a bit complicated the diet is really simple once you get used to it. The different products which are consumed during the diet have a special purpose in the proper functioning of your body. For example, chocolate stops allergies which might appear when you are on a diet and fruit will give you energy in the morning.

Make sure you monitor your blood pressure and conduct regular blood tests.