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9 Signs That You Are too Stressed (and You Do Not Know It)

Excessive stress can be the main reason for a variety of different health problems and experts point out that it can have serious consequences on one’s well-being and health. There are cases when the signs of stress are not completely clear and we fail to recognize that we are too stressed. This is why we need to be aware of the major symptoms so that we can cope with stress adequately and preserve our health.

The Symptoms of Stress:

1. Low libido

Stress is known to decrease the sexual hormones’ levels and it may also cause tiredness and impotence. This is why it is vital to find ways to address stress and talk to your partner. Try to find a joint solution to this problem and enjoy your sexual life as much as possible.

2. Loss of hair

It is considered that losing 100 hairs per day is normal and that we are not even aware of this process. However, any loss of hair over this number may be a consequence of too much stress because it changes the physiologic functions in the body.

3. Body ache

Malfunction in the body can occur due to excessive stress and it usually manifests through pain in different part of the body, headaches, arthritis, and pain in the chest, as well as ulcers, soreness in the muscles, diarrhea, and stomach problems.

4. Impatience

When you are stressed, you can become very impatient and irritated, intolerant, and angry. In order to better your mood, you need to manage stress through yoga, meditation, exercising, breathing techniques, etc.

5. Anxiety

Stress can easily make you feel anxious, worried, and restless and when you fail to solve the problem with stress, these symptoms can worsen as the time goes by.

6. Sleeping difficulties

Аs a result of stress, you can face sleeping problems and tiredness. What is important is to find the root of the issue and try to address the issue with the help of walks in nature, reading, listening to music, meditation, yoga, etc.

7. Weight loss or gain

Too much stress can cause abrupt loss or gain of weight.

8. Overthinking about work

Stress can easily make you overly concerned about your job, obligations, and finances. You need to control your thoughts and try to remain calm. When you think too much, you elevate the levels of stress which could lead to psychological and physical problems.

9. Changes in mood

Stress can cause problems with the hormones and this is manifested through mood swings, addictions, mental problems, obsessive-compulsive disorders, etc.