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The Color of Your Urine Is a Health – Indicator

Many people are not aware of their urine color and they don’t take it serious. As a matter of fact urine can tell us a lot of things about our overall health. Its odor, color and consistency can give us clues to figure out if something is not right.

Urine is made up of 95% water and 5% urea, potassium and creatinine, as well as other substances which are involved in the proper functioning of the digestive tract.

When blood cells are dissolved urobilin is formed. The urobilin gives urine its yellow color.

The Color of Your Urine Is a Health – Indicator

  • Clear

Indicates that the body has been hydrated too much. This is usually a sign of dissolved electrolytes and it indicates a misbalance in the body.

  • Light yellow

If the color of your urine is light yellow then, you are properly hydrated. This is actually the healthiest urine color.

  • Fizzy

If you have an infection of the bladder your urine will turn fizzy as a result of the extra mucus or proteins that are being broken down in the body.

  • Medium yellow

When you notice your urine being with a medium yellow color, this means you are dehydrated and you have to start drinking more water.

  • Dark yellow

If the color is dark yellow, you are highly dehydrated and you might be overdosed on vitamin B. This condition requires drinking a lot of water and tea.

  • Orange

If you notice orange colored urine it means that you have excessive amounts of bilirubin. Orange colored urine can also indicate problems with gallstones.

  • Pink

Having pink urine can be the result of eating too much red fruits or vegetables, especially beets. Other than this, it can be a sign of blood and if you notice something like this you should visit your doctor immediately.

  • Darker shade of pink

If you notice a darker shade of pink it means there is a serious health condition that has to be taken care of. This is usually a sign of urine in the blood caused by bladder infection, or even cancer.

  • Dark pink

Dark pink color is usually a sign of cancer, but before making assumptions visit your doctor.

  • Brown urine

Brown urine comes as a result of taking some medicines or it can come as a result of exercising too much.

  • Blue and green

Blue and green urine means that you have high amounts of artificial colors in your body. It also indicates the presence of jello, or Uribel which contains blue methylene. Blue colored urine is not a serious condition and it can be treated with proper hydration.