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What The Shape Of Your Face Says About Your Health And Diet

According to science, ten minutes of gazing at Chris Hemsworth’s chiseled features will tell you that the face of a person is the first way in which we determine attractivness. The eyes are drawn to the masculine features of strong cheekbones and square jaw lines. The same pattern of cheeks and jawbones is visible in Hugh Jackman and Henry Cavil.

What The Shape Of Your Face Says About Your Health And Diet

Evolutionary Instinct

It appears that it’s not superficial to be attracted by these facial features. Namely, this is our evolutionary instict judging the genes of facial features since they communicate good health. Chris’s well-defined jaw and cheek line means that his facial bones are adequately developed.

What Does Your Face Reveal about You

These bones hold the important structures that support the airways, such as the nasal sinuses, palate, tongue, and throaat. When they’re not developed, problems like sleep apnea can occur and starve the body of oxygen and lead to chronic health issues. Other features that these bones affect are the teeth. Those who have well-formed facial bones have enough space for a straight and strong smile. When a person has a crooked smile and impacted wisdom teeth, the face is usually skinny and with underdeveloped jaw and chin. This means that the facial bones don’t support the airways.

Facial Structure and Diet

Did you know that your facial development has to do a lot with what you ate while you were growing up? Bone growth happens as a response to muscular mechanical forces. Same as body builders who make their limbs strong and dense so that they can lift weights, our shift from a tough diet to softer foods prevents the proper development of the jaw and skull.

Our diet plays an important role in the formation of bones and teeth. During the devlopment phase, the bones require a comple concentration of ‘bony matrix’ which is consisted of calcium, phosphorus, water, fat, and organic materials. Individuals with well-developed facial features comminicate their health through their magnificent faces and smiles. Even though orthodontic braces and removal of wisdom teeth resolve problems linked with poor facial growth, the problem may be conditioned by a person’s diet and overall health as well.

Foods That Are Good for the Face

Chewing is good for the proper development of the face. For example, raw fruits and veggies on a daily basis. Then, foods rich in calcium like kale, almonds, and salmon. Also, it’s important to consume dietary fat and fat-soluble vitamins, i.e. A, D, E, and K2 from high-quality butter, organic meat, eggs, and avocados.