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Discover How You Can Use Vinegar in Your Garden

Vinegar is a versatile ingredient which can be of great benefit for garden, not just for cooking. As you may already know, store-bought fertilizers contain dangerous chemicals which are a threat to our health and are rather expensive. This is where vinegar comes in, i.e. it’s easily affordable and an eco-friendly ingredient.

Different Ways to Use Vinegar for Gardening

Eliminate fruit flies- to keep fruit flies at bay, mix half a cup of ACV, one tbsp of molasses, a quarter cup of sugar, and one cup of water and pour it into a suitable container and hang it on the fruit tree. When they try to attack the mixture, the fruit flies will be immediately trapped.

Weed repellent- use ACV to remove weeds from walkways and walls.

Fights off fungus– fungus or mold can cause problems with the growth of plants and leave dark spots on the stems and leaves. Therefore, prepare chamomile tea and mix it with 2 tsp of vinegar and then pour the mixture into a spray bottle. Spray all plants to boost their growth.

Pest and cat repellent– cats, dogs, rabbits, moles, and rodents cannot stand the smell of vinegar. Therefore, spray it around your garden or soak some old clothes in vinegar and put them on stakes around the garden.

Remover of ants- spray vinegar all over the garden to get rid of ants. Do the procedure for several days to make sure all ants disappear.

Prolongs the life span of cut flowers– keep cut flowers in a vase with 2 tbsp of vinegar and 1 tsp of sugar and replace it with a new mixture every 3 days.

Removes insects- mix 3 parts of water, 1 part of vinegar, and 1 tsp of dishwashing agent and spray the mixture around your garden.

Cleans rust from garden tools- dip tools in undiluted vinegar and rinse them well. The rust will be gone.

Cleans clay pots- first, scrub the crusty residue and then put the pots in a mixture of 5% vinegar and 4 cups of water for 30 minutes. Then, remove them from the mixture and clean them with undiluted vinegar.

Snail and slug repellent– it can prevent and reduce the occurrence of snails and slugs in your garden.

Plant refresher- spray gardenias, azaleas, etc. to boost their growth and refresh them with a mixture of 1 cup of vinegar and a gallon of water.

Speeds up the germination of seeds– this is especially the case for okra, asparagus, glories, moonflowers, and other seeds which don’t germinate readily. Rub the seeds with coarse sandpaper the night before you plant them. Afterwards, make a mixture of 125 ml of vinegar, 500 ml of warm water, and a spoon of dishwashing agent. Soak the seeds in the mixture and then plant them.