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Get Rid Of 20 Pounds Of Toxins From Your Colon With These 2 Simple Ingredients!

Unfortunately, the number of people diagnosed with colon cancer is on the increase. Very often, people suffer from this type of cancer as a consequence of bad habits and unhealthy diets which may disrupt the cleansing of the organs in the body and lead to the creation of toxic deposits. Therefore, in order to stay on the safe side, you need to find the right method to remove surplus toxins from the body and minimize the risk of cancer, but other serious health problems as well.

The Cure Is in Nature

Alternative medicine is good because it’s free of chemicals and free of side effects. Below, we’ve prepared a recipe for a natural cleansing method that will eliminate more than 20 pounds of toxins from your colon in just 3 weeks. This incredible recipe contains fiber and essential nutrients that will also improve your overall health.

The Recipe

  • A tbsp of honey
  • A tbsp of Chia seeds
  • An apple
  • A cup of water
  • A tbsp of flaxseed


Wash and then cut the apple into small pieces. Next, blend them into a blender, together with the water and honey and then add the flaxseed and Chia seeds and mix the ingredients, but not in the blender, but with a spoon.


Consume the mixture once per day for a period of 3 weeks.

Within this period, you will notice the beneficial effects and when your colon is completely cleansed of the toxins and waste, you will feel much better. What’s more, you will lose surplus weight since your metabolism will significantly improve. Amazing, right?

Important to note:

While taking this remedy, avoid eating processed foods and foods rich in sugar since they can neutralize the effect of the drink.