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These 7 Exercises Will Help You Remove the Cellulite on Your Behind and Thighs

Once summer is here people want to look good on the beach and they are all trying to remove cellulite. Many people, both men and women, are affected by cellulite and they are all looking for different ways on how to remove it. Cellulite is more common in women.

As annoying, as it might seem, there is a cure for cellulite, but you have to be ready to do some exercise.

Here we present to you some of the best exercise for removing cellulite.

  1. The Weighted Bridge

This is a really easy exercise to follow. All you have to do is lie down on the floor in a bridge position and place some weights on the stomach. In order to do this exercise properly you have to:

  • Lie with your face up
  • Bent your needs
  • Put some dumbbells on your stomach
  • Go with the hips up and bend the knees inside
  • Stay in this position for 3 seconds
  1. The Single Dead Lift

This exercise engages your whole body. Follow these steps and get into this position:

  • Stand with feet and hips apart
  • Hold dumbbells in each hand facing your legs
  • Lift one leg a few inches up
  • Move the torso down, while the dumbbells go down as well
  • Go forward with your body
  • Once you are in a T –shape, return to the start position
  • Repeat 15 times
  1. V- leg Pull

This is an amazing exercise for the outer thighs and it will help you in getting rid of cellulite. Follow these steps:

  • Lie on your back and tie your legs with a plastic band
  • Put your arms up alongside your head
  • Lift your legs up and form a V shape
  • Open your leg as far as the band allows you to
  • Return to the initial position in reverse and repeat
  1. Backward Running On Treadmill

This exercise requires you to change the regular way of running. All you have to do is position yourself backwards and be very careful while doing it. Start with a slow pace and increase it as you get more stable and confident.

  1. Upward Leg Thrusts

Follow these steps:

  • Lie down with arms and knees bent on the ground
  • Lift the right leg upward
  • Change the other leg
  • Repeat 20 times
  • Use a yoga mat
  1. Squat with Side-lift

If you want to get rid of cellulite make sure you do some squats which will activate your hamstrings, hip flexors, gluteus, abductors and quadriceps.

Follow these steps:

  • Get into a squat position
  • While in this position strengthen one leg to the side
  • Do the same with both legs
  1. Leg Lift with Upright Posterior

This is a really simple exercise and what you have to do is the following:

  • Stand upright
  • Put your leg backwards as much as you can
  • Relax your behind and move the leg
  • Repeat 20 times
  • Do the same with the other leg