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Cut Down Your Excess Fat with This 8 Hour Diet Plan

If you want to lose weight and do not want to starve then you are at the right please because this interesting 8 hour diet plan is all you need to lose weight. You need to eat for 8 hours and then do 16 hours of fasting. According to David Zinczenko, the creator of this plan, although it might be weird it is really effective.

Why does it work?

This simple diet plan works because it can help you keep track on your calories intake.

  1. Aids Digestion

Most people spend their day sitting in front of a desk for 9 hours which makes it really difficult for the body to properly digest food. This is why even with a good healthy plan people are not able to lose weight. With the 8 hour diet plan, your body has enough time to digest everything.

  1. Burns More Calories

Since the time between the last meal and the breakfast is increased your body will be able to burn the stored fat through a simple workout in the morning.

  1. Get Rest

With the 16 hour break your body has enough time to rest, and relax.

  1. Diseases and Aging Prevention

With this diet plan the source of energy in the cells is stimulated and thus intercellular damage is reduced. Eventually, this helps in reducing aging and eliminating the risk of cancer, diabetes and other hearth diseases.

Check out this detailed meal plan:

  • Start the day with some green tea
  • Drink a banana or kale smoothie, some wheat flakes and skimmed milk, or eggs and toast. If you are allergic to lactose you can always rely on eggs as the best option.
  • Before lunch make sure to eat some watermelon, vegetable salad and some soaked almonds
  • Some baked fish or a vegetable sandwich with fresh fruit juice can be ideal for lunch.
  • For desert you can have some dark chocolate brownie combined with an orange or apple.
  • As an evening snack get some potato wafers, popcorn or nachos.
  • Dinner has to be some grilled vegetables or a chicken kebab and lentil soup.

This diet plan gives you a lot of variety and freedom to choose different foods. Make sure you eat your dinner at 6 pm and this should be your last meal for the day. This diet plan works best if you combine it with some exercise.

Weight loss is always 70% dieting and 30% exercising, so make sure you do the hard work in the kitchen!