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10 Fat Burning Ingredients That You Can Add to Your Morning Glass of Smoothie

In the last years, smoothies have become a definite must for people who want to eat healthy. Smoothies are simple to prepare but very tasty. You just choose your favorite fruits or/and veggies, blend them, and enjoy. It’s very important to add fiber as well since the process of blending breaks down fiber which is very important.

If you want to lose weight, adding specific fat-burning ingredients to your smoothie is the way to go.

The list below contains the best fat burning ingredients that you already probably have in your kitchen. Let’s take a look:


The fat from avocado is immediately burned by the body so the metabolism starts looking for more fat in order to burn it while working, which results in weight loss. Having a smooth texture, avocados are easy to add to numerous dishes and smoothies.

Green tea

The catechin present in green tea speeds up the metabolism and increases the burning of fat. Since green tea can be found in powdered form, it’s very easy to add it to your smoothie.


They’re rich in healthy fats which cause the same reaction like avocados. Almonds and other nuts have protein and other nutrients; therefore, you can freely add them to smoothies and improve their taste and nutritive value.

Peanut butter

Although it may seem a bit unusual to add it to smoothies, the thicker consistency will prolong your satiety while the nut proteins are being processed by the body.


They are rich in antioxidants and only 49 calories per cup. Strawberry and banana smoothie is a tasty way to supply your body with 13 muscle-building grams of quality protein.


If you don’t have time for breakfast, prepare a smoothie with flaxseed, chocolate protein powder, almond milk, and banana. This smoothie is an excellent energy booster with 20 grams of protein.

Almond milk

Almond milk is a great alternative to dairy and one cup has a low amount of calories, no cholesterol, and only a gram of sugar. 2% dairy milk has 20 grams of cholesterol, believe it or not; therefore, opt for this type of milk to add to your smoothies.


Besides being really tasty, blueberries are rich in antioxidants and low in sugar. They encourage the process of fat burning and they’re the most common smoothie ingredient.

Leafy green veggies

Veggies are low in calories and rich in nutrients, therefore, they make a healthy addition to smoothies.

Chia seeds

They speed up the metabolism and promote the burning of fat. Being rich in fiber, protein, and healthy fats, they are an excellent addition to smoothies.