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This Ancient Technique Can Cure Sore Throat, Sinus Pain, and Much More

For a long period of time, acupressure has been a part of alternative medicine as a way to alleviate different types of pain and diseases. Personally, I wasn’t very familiar with acupressure until a friend of mine helped my cure my runny noe with the help of specific massage techniques. I was amazed by the results so I started reading and learning more about the technique.

Acupressure may be of great aid against a runny nose, sore throat, headache, cold, sinus pain, etc. Little do people know that there are around 100 of spots for acupressure.

Understanding only 20% of them and learning how to use them may be very beneficial for your health. Acupressure is a technique derived from acupuncture, but instead of needles for pressure on the spots, in acupressure, you need only your fingers.

Prior to acupressure, you need to relax and be as calm as possible. Sit in a chair, but don’t cross the legs. Before you begin, warm up the hands a bit by rubbing them and then begin with the stimulation of the specific spot. Warming up your hands is a great way to increase the energy flow between the hands and make them more sensitive. If you feel any pain, breathe in and out gradually for immediate relief.

Here are some beneficial acupressure points located on the hands:

Tip of the thumb

If you suffer from a cold, this is the spot you need to pressure.

Lower part of the thumb

If you have a sore throat, pressure this area and breathe in and out slowly.

The tips of all the 4 fingers, except the thumb

If you have problems with sinusitis, massage the area close to the nails to encourage mucus secretion and alleviate dizziness, stuffy nose, etc.

Pads of the fingers

If you have the flu, massage the pads of all your fingers at once for an immediate relief.

Under the tip of the middle finger

If you experience tiredness, massage this area to increase your energy and be less tired.

Index finger

If you experience abdominal pain, apply pressure on the index finger.

Ring finger

Apply pressure onto the ring finger if you have a headache.

How does acupressure actually help?

Acupressure has three major effects on the body, that is, it maintains the health in good shape, improves the overall health, and relieves tension and pain. Nowadays, since we live in a stressful world, acupressure is a great choice because it may reduce pain, heal the body, and restore its balance.