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These 7 Workouts Don’t Actually Work

Believe it or not, certain exercises may be more harmful than beneficial, despite what you may have thought. Sometimes, the movement required for the exercise impedes a proper form and you end up harming a different group of muscles than the one you’re targeting. Therefore, below, you have a set of tips that will help you do the exercises more safely and some alternative exercises that are focused on the same area but are much safer.

7 Workouts Don’t Actually Work:

1. Lat-pull-downs behind the head

In this exercise, you need to sit on a machine with a weighted cabled bar over the head and then you reach for it and pull it behind the neck. However, according to WebMD, this may easily harm the back of your neck and vertebrae. Also, you can additionally strain the shoulders since they’re not the most flexible part of the body.

A far safer option would be to lean the body back a little and bring the bar down in front of the body to the breastbone with a narrower grip and pull the shoulder blades together. Don’t swing the arms.

2. Crunches

They tighten only a small area of the core, but not the lower abdominal muscles.

A better alternative is planks or side planks which target the core properly.

3. Weight belt lifting

This may slack off the core muscles, instead of toning them.

A safer option would be to exclude the belt, unless you lift really heavy weights, suffer from a back injury, or a doctor has recommended the belt.

4. Dumbbells on both sides and lifting

This exercise may strain the back and cause damage to the nerves and muscles.

Instead, you should opt for pushups that will focus on your shoulders and arms, but without harming the nerves and muscles.

5. Leg presses while on the back

This specific exercise may strain the legs and the spine won’t be properly aligned. The pelvis will try to compensate and this will additionally strain the lower back and knees as well.

Instead of doing this, you should do squats or lunges which focus on the same muscles but are not as harmful as this exercise.

6. Improper lunges

Remember, when doing lunges, the front knee needs to be above the toes and the back straightened.

Make sure to watch your form in order to be certain that you’re doing the lunges correctly.

7. Spot-reduction exercises

Although these moves may strengthen a specific part of the body such as the hips, arms, or stomach, they do nothing against fat deposits.

A better option for those who want to shed excess fat is cardio. Also, this will build more muscle mass and thus, you will improve the metabolism and as a result, burn more calories.