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The First Organic Fast Food Chain Has Been Opened in Chicago

Besides all of the negative things we know about fast food, we still find it quite appealing, cheap and convenient. All of the different fast-foods are actually filled with unhealthy ingredients such as GMO products, highly processed meat, pesticide-laden foods and a lot more.

The question is: is it actually possible to produce and sell fast-food, without using all of these unhealthy ingredients and still keep the cheap pricing?

Benjamin and Nicolette Brittsan are trying to make this happen. They opened America’s first drive-thru burger chain with certified organic foods. So, make sure you remember their name –Nic’s Organic Fast Food.

Their plan is to open 50 locations in the Chicago area, after opening the first one in the Rolling Meadows, which happened this February. Once they have these locations ready, they’ll move on to spreading the chain nationwide.

Their mascot is Nic the Organic Farmer. He is a superhero figure with huge muscles in overalls and he is ready to save fast food from pesticides.

The owners are swearing by their organic food, explaining it’s actually certified, not just an advertising trick.

This certification actually means that the food has been checked and it is clean, with no pesticides or other chemicals. It’s all natural. The complete menu of the restaurant is organic and this includes the meat, the chicken nuggets, juices and even the fries.

However, do not confuse organic with a vegan. They are not processed, but still are greasy and they follow the basic concept of how fast food should be. Nevertheless, you can still get a fresh salad if that’s what you like.

The benefits from the organic fast food are not in what you are eating, but rather in what you’re not. Price-wise these organic foods are the same as regular fast-foods, so it’s just a matter of time to see if this concept is going to work.

There has been a growing trend of a healthy lifestyle going around throughout the whole nation and this can only be positive for restaurants such as Nic’s.

In the end, everyone gets what they need: the same price, healthy ingredients, and a tasty greasy snack.