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What Happens When You Put a Himalayan Lamp Next To Your Bed?

If you don’t have a Himalayan lamp, you are missing out on a lot. Having one next to your bed will bring fresh air in your room because it is a natural source of freshness. First, we’ll have to give you a short chemistry lesson and then we’ll explain all of the health benefits this lamp has.

The air, water, the human body and everything else is made out of molecules. Which are made out of atoms which consist of three types of particles? Particles with positive charge or protons. Particles with negative charge or electrons, and particles with neutral charge or neutrons.

Like the planets around a star, electrons orbit around molecules. From time to time, an electron flies away and when this happens, a positive ion is created to fill in the empty space. Because of the differences in the structure of molecules, different materials lose electrons more than others. Now that we have given you an introduction to basic chemistry we can lead you through the 10 benefits of the lamp.

  1. Clean and fresh air

One of the most prominent benefits of the lamp and the reason why most people use is because it eliminates dust particles, smoke, pollen and other air contaminants. The next question you might have is how do lamps do this.

The secret is hygroscopy. This means that the lamp actually attracts water molecules from the environment and then absorbs them in the salt crystal.

Once the lamp becomes hot enough, the water evaporates back into the air, while the contaminating particles are left inside. This is how the air is purified.

  1. Allergy and Asthma Symptoms are not a problem anymore

Most allergies are caused by different particles in the air and this is why the Himalayan salt lamps are really helpful in eliminating the symptoms to allergies and asthma.  People who have asthma can notice a real benefit after using the lamp for some time.

  1. Eliminates Coughing

Another benefit which can come out of this lamp is the elimination of coughing. The positive particles which we mentioned in the chemistry lesson can actually have a bad effect on the microscopic hairs in the windpipe and they’re not as able to protect us from air contaminants and to keep our lungs safe. A pink salt Himalayan lamp can help absorb the ions and those can lower the coughing that’s been bothering you. After absorbing the ions, the lamp lets out the negative particles which actually have a positive effect on your lungs by increasing the activity of the micro hairs.

  1. Higher Energy Levels

Our bodies absorb negative particles by going outside in nature and breathing fresh air. We’re not always able to do this and this is why a lamp like this would come so much in handy. The positive particles actually suck the energy out of our bodies. And if you feel constantly tired and you lack energy a good solution might be a Himalayan lamp in your room. We’re sure you’ll see the difference soon.

  1. Electromagnetic neutralization

Today we live in an electromagnetic radiation field in a metaphorical sense. All of this is caused by the many electronic devices we have around. Our constant exposure to EM can cause fatigue, lower the immunity and increase stress levels. Again this is where a lamp will come in handy. Put one next to your computer and you’ll never have problems again and your family will also feel better.

  1. Better sleep

If you are exposed to ions for too long you might experience some problems with your sleeping habits. And this happens because ions reduce the oxygen and blood supply to the brain and this disrupts your sleeping habits.

With a natural negative particle generator like a Himalayan lamp, you’ll be able to get back into a normal habit of sleeping and the air in your bedroom will improve.

  1. Mood and Concentration Improvement

If you are feeling down and you lack concentration this lamp can help you relax at the end of a bad day and also, it can have a positive effect on your concentration.

The lack of concentration and bad mood comes as a result of the negative particles which hinder blood and oxygen supply to the brain and to the whole body. Have a Himalayan lamp next to you and get your serotonin levels up. You’ll feel happier than ever.