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The Pores on Your Face Can Disappear If You Use These 2 Ingredients

Sebum is a chemical produced by our body in order to make our skin waterproof and to keep it from drying. Large pores are a characteristic of people with oily skin. This comes as a result to the fact that oil and dirt collect in the skin, the skin swells and pores look larger than normally.

At times, acne is associated with large pores, however even though people with oily skin are more likely to get acne this doesn’t mean that acne cause the appearance of enlarged pores. A lot of the products which are sold in the shops, used for pore tightening, contain chemicals are not really efficient.

On the other hand, there are a lot of natural remedies which can help your skin. We’ll share some of them with you.

  1. Egg white and lemon juice

Mix a few lemon drops with two egg whites until you get a thick paste. Use this paste and apply it on your face. Wait for 20 minutes and wash your face with clean water. All of the dead skin on your face will be gone and your pores will be tightened in less than half an hour.

  1. Tomato and lemon juice

Another ingredient which goes well with lemon juice is tomatoes. Make tomato puree, add some lemon juice and apply the thick paste on your face.  Apply it on your face, leave it for 20 minutes and rinse with clean water. You’ll notice how the oil disappears from your face.

  1. Cucumber, rosewater and lemon juice

Take a peeled cucumber, one teaspoon of rose water and a little bit of lemon juice. Put this mixture on a light cloth and use the cloth to clean your face. Leave the mixture on for 15 minutes until it’s dry. Once it’s dry rinse your face and feel the softness of your skin.

  1. Pineapple and lemon juice

Use some lemon juice and mix it up with 2 tablespoons of pineapple juice. Drench a cloth in the mixture and place it on your face. Leave it on for 10 minutes and clean your face with water afterwards. The pores will be reduced in no time.

  1. Almond and lemon juice

Soak five almonds in water and leave them overnight. In the morning, grind them and make a paste. Add some lemon juice to the paste and mix it all up. You can apply this paste to your face and leave it on for less than half an hour. Rinse your face and see how the pores are reduced.