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These 3 Exercises Will Help You Eliminate Your Chubby Cheeks, Your Double Chin and You Will Also Lose Fat!

Usually when you gain weight people notice it first on your face. And you simply cannot ignore it, because it makes you look unattractive. The biggest problem with weight loss is that fat cells actually don’t disappear or appear, they either shrink or get bigger and this is why people usually have a problem area when they lose weight. To make it simple, they have more fat in one area than in another.

The eyes are the mirror of your soul, but your face is a reflection of your health and your lifestyle. If you want to reduce face fat you should make some changes in your lifestyle and your diet.

Check Out These 3 Exercises That Will Help You Fight the Fat on Your Face

  1. Muscle Exercise

The gym you go to doesn’t have a special machine that will help reduce your face fat and tighten your face muscles. However, this simple routine will put your facial muscles at work and will stretch them really good. They will be toned and you’ll lose the excess fat. The double chin that has always bothered you will be gone.

  1. Chin Exercise

If you want your double chin to disappear we advise you to practice chin raises. This exercise is very easy to do, because you only have to move your lip and look at the ceiling. Pucker up your lips like a fish and stay in that position for one minute. Try and repeat the routine several times.

  1. Exercises for the cheeks

Cheeks are also prone to retaining extra fat. However, with this simple exercise you’ll reduce the puffiness and you’ll have more prominent cheekbones than ever. You can easily do this exercise if you suck in your cheeks and then, try to smile, but make sure your cheeks are still sucked in.

Complete Body Fat Loss

The exercises we described above are really helpful, but you still have to lose overall body weight in order to work on your face.

These methods will help you with that:

  1. Cut down your daily calories intake

It is pure logic that by decreasing the amount of calories you eat in a day, you’ll lose weight and fat will go away. Decreasing calories intake goes hand in hand with exercise and burning calories.

  1. Make sure you eat your breakfast

If you are trying to lose weight the most important thing is to eat your breakfast. Great dieticians and medical professionals recommend that you should start your day with breakfast in order to keep your health and well-being. Some researches even confirm the fact that people who eat breakfast are slimmer than those who don’t.

To make it more clear, we have to explain why this is so. Having breakfast increases your metabolism and it lays down the base for the whole day. Ideally, your breakfast should consist of proteins and oatmeal.

To get even better results, try exercising before eating your breakfast. This way you’ll burn more calories and your metabolism rate will go up.

  1. Lower the consumption of sweets and sugar

Sometimes, the reason for face bloating is actually water retention and it usually shows up on the face and on the neck. Moreover, if you eat a lot of sugar and salt the bloating will increase. This is why you should try and lower the consumption of foods such as sweets, candies, canned foods and sodas. It is always a good option to substitute them with fresh vegetables and fruit, as well as lean proteins.

  1. Don’t drink too much alcohol

If you want to lose your face fat, lower your alcohol intake. This liquid is directly connected with the facial glands and too much consumption can make you swell and this actually makes your face fat. Try and lower the amount of alcohol you take and you’ll notice immediate change.

These are really simple changes that will help you lead a healthier life and of course look beautiful and healthy.